Dial Up: Disconnected

Why do I keep getting disconnected?

The most frequent cause of disconnects is inactivity. If you are reading or composing an email or reading a web page, the computer you are dialed into may see you as inactive. What you can do to avoid that from happening is to have your email client check for mail every 5 minutes. Most email clients have a setting for this somewhere in their Options. For Outlook Express, see our set up instructions - Step 9 which shows that setting.

Call waiting may also cause you to get disconnected. You may wish to disable it when your modem dials up to the internet. View the set up instructions - Properties which shows how to disable call waiting.

Sometimes weather and temperature conditions can effect the quality of the phone lines and can cause noise on the line. This noise can interfere with the transfer of data over the line and cause you to be disconnected. Call your phone company if you think you have noise on the line.


Why do I get disconnected when I check email?

It is very possible, even without you knowing it, that your Connection Settings may have been changed recently. Microsoft software being installed or updated may reset your Connection Settings. There is a set of Internet connection settings that are shared by Microsoft's Email programs (Outlook and Outlook Express) and Internet Explorer which controls your connection to and disconnection from your Internet session.

If you are experiencing this problem with these programs, open the mail client by clicking on the ICON for the program.

For Outlook, click TOOLS and then SERVICES. Select your Email connection and highlight that service with a single click of the mouse. Next, you should click the PROPERTIES button. Within the PROPERTIES WINDOW, you will find a settings tab for CONNECTION which you should click.

If you find that the option for Disconnect when finished sending and receiving has been selected with a check, then click that box and un-select this option. You have found the problem. Remember to click the APPLY button at the bottom of the window, so the change will be enforced. Then click OK to close all of the windows.

For Outlook Express, click TOOLS and then OPTIONS. In the OPTIONS window that opens, you should a settings tab for CONNECTION which you should click. If there is a check mark next to Hang up after sending and receiving, that is the problem.  Click the box to uncheck it.  Click Apply to enforce the change then close all the windows. 

Last Updated ( Friday, 22 June 2007 )