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Wednesday, 24 May 2017
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These instructions are for those of our clients that have email accounts who are connecting with our Dial-up. The examples use @scronline.com however the basic set up is applicable to any email domain on dial up. These instructions are for Outlook Express 5. For newer versions the directions are basically the same however notes will indicate differnces and additional settings to watch out for.

Outlook Express is available on all windows machines. Generally there is a short cut on your Desktop and your Quick Launch Bar but if you do not see it there, look in your Programs list.  Make sure that your Windows Updates are up-to-date so you have all the security patches installed.  


Instructions: NOTE: Some images are thumbnails, click to see larger picture.
1. Make sure you have your account information in front of you for referrence. If you are not already connected to the internet, get connected with your SCR Online Dial up then open Outlook Express.

If you have never used this program before on your computer, it may open directly to the Internet Connection Wizard. Skip to Step 3. If it has been used before but has an old or unused email account it in, you can remove the old account and add your new one.
2. Click on Tools, Accounts to bring up the Internet Accounts window. If you see an old account in there that is no longer being used, click on it to highlight then click on Remove and answer Yes to the confirmation.

To add a new account click on Add then select and click on Mail.
 Email Set Up Step 1
3. The Internet Connection Wizard will come up. Enter your name as you wish it to appear in the From field of emails that you send out to people.

It can be anything your want it to be, notice the example is First Last.

When you have done that, click Next.
Email Setup Step 2
4. Select "I already have an email address that i'd like to use" and type your full email address in the field then click next.
 Email Setup Step 3
5. Enter the incoming and outgoing mail server names. The settings should look exactly like the image to the right.

Incoming: mail.scronline.com

Outgoing: mail.scronline.com

Make sure you type these exactly as any mistake will cause errors. Now click Next.
 Email Setup Step 3
6. You should see your account name already in the Account name field. Add @scronline.com (or appropriate domain name) as the account name is the full email address.

Then type your password and check the Remember password box.

Click Next then Finish and you are done entering your basic email information.
Email Setup Step 5
7. Now your will see your account listed, click the Properties button, we have a few more settings to adjust.
Email Setup Step 6
8. Click on the Server tab at the bottom under Outgoing Mail Server, put a check mark next to "My server requires authentication".  Click the Settings button now available and make sure "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" is selected.  Click Ok on small window. 
Email Setup Step 7       Email Setup Step 7
NOTE:  Users who connect via a different ISP other than WebNexus/SCR Online may need to make an additional setting for Outgoing mail.  Click on Advanced and enter 426 for the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) port as shown below. 
 Email Setup Step 7 Special
9. Now we want to adjust some of the Options. Click Tools, Options to bring up the Options window.

Make the changes as seen on the image below.
Email Setup Step 8
For Outlook Express 6:

There is a specific setting in Outlook Express 6 that needs to be changed. Click on Security and uncheck the box next to: Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus.

This is unnecessary if you have up-to-date antivirus software installed on your machine. If you do not have antivirus protection that is kept up-to-date, the chances of you getting a virus are almost 100%. Today virus' are not just delivered via email.  If you do not have anti virus, we recommend Kaspersky Anti Virus Link opens in new window to all our customers. 
 Outlook Express 6 Security
10. Click on the Connection tab next and make sure that Hang up after sending and receiving is NOT checked.

Then click on the Change button to access the Internet Properties window.
 Email Setup Step 9
11. The Connections tab should be selected and you should see SCR Online Dial up listed in the Dial up settings window. Click on it to highlight and click the Set Default button.

Select the option to Always dial my default connection.
NOTE:  Only do this is the dial up connection is in fact your default connection.  If you use DSL or other ways to connect at various times, skip this step.  If you find the dial up coming up when you expect to connect in another way then you will want to select "Never dial a connection" and you can connect via the dial up manually only when you need to. 
 Email Setup Step 10
12. Click on the Programs tab, set the Email, Newsgroups and Contact list as shown in the image to the right.
Email Setup Step 11

13. The Home Page section is where you set the web page that you want to come up when you open your browser. It can be anything you want. Type the full web address into the field.

You can also access the Internet Properties from the browser, Internet Explorer by clicking on Tools, Internet Options. To set a home page, first go to the site in the browser, then click Tools, Internet Options then click on the button Use Current.

When you are finished, click OK on the Internet Properties then OK on Options. 

For instruction to set home page for Mozilla Firefox, visit our FAQ item for that.  

 Email Setup Step 12
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