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Wednesday, 24 May 2017
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Our latest dialer Version is 2.0.8  and we highly recommend that all our dial up clients install it on their systems. This software will fully configure your dial-up, browser and email accounts in minutes. The dialer will also automatically update all the latest numbers available for you to use all over the United States! If you travel with your laptop, this dialer is a must have!

Instructions: Note: Some images are thumbnails, click to see larger picture. 


1. If you downloaded the dialer, you will see this Icon on your Desktop Dialer Download  double click it. You will then see the window below come up, click OK.
 Dialup Setup
2. You will then be prompted to pick your State and City and then the specific number you wish to use. You can also go directly to Area Code then find your City from the list below.   Click OK.
 Select Dialup Number
3. A new window will come up for you to set your specific username, password and email settings. Fill in the fields as below using the information given to you when you signed up. Contact us if you are unsure of any of these settings. See below for a filled in example.  Click OK.
 Enter account information
NOTE: Make sure you only put ONLY everything before the @ of your email address in the email address field as the dialer knows what the rest of your email address is!  Notice at the end of the field it has @scronline.com.  You will of course see your specific domain such as @matterofmail.com or @webnexus.net.

4. Now that the software has all the information it needs, it will configure your computer.

Setup configures

It will set your home page to www.scronline.com or www.webnexus.net. If you wish to have a different site for your Home page, see our FAQ on how to change it

It will set up your email account in your default email client (usually Outlook Express).

NOTE: If you have a family account with more than one email address or identites, see Email set up instructions or call us if you have any problems with those accounts being set up correctly.
NOTE:  If you have another email account set up, you may get the message below. Click Yes if you want to keep the account,click No if you do not.   You can always change your accounts later if you wish. 
 Existing Email Account
5. When the set up is complete you will get the following window. Click OK.
 Dialup Setup Complete
NOTE: Some computers may need to be restarted, you will get a message telling you to do so. Close all programs then click Yes to restart your computer. When the computer has rebooted then you will get the window above. Click OK.
6. Now you will see a new SCR Online Icon  SCR Online Desktop Icon  on your Desktop. Double click it to launch the dial up.
7. A new window will come up showing your username, where you are dialing from etc. You can change any of the settings here if you need to (see below for more detail).

Click Connect. The status area at the bottom will show Dialing, Connecting, Verifying Username and Password and then the window will close when you are connected.

You can always confirm that you are connected by looking at your Task tray (where your time or clock is) and seeing the dial up connection icons (two screens with lights going back and forth).
NOTE:  Make sure that the status areas shows a plain 6 digit number next to Number to Dial. Since all numbers are local, you should not need an area code.  If you see an area code then you will need to adjust your dialing properties.  See below. 
Dialer Window

Select:  Opens the Phone Book, once you use a number then it is remembered and you can access it again by clicking the Dialing to:  dropdown menu.

Properties: Opens the Location Properties such as disable call waiting or set long distance calling.  Here you also set what the area code is.  Most customers will want to set these properties as shown below with your specific area code.

Location Properties

If you travel with your notebook and need to set area codes for different locations you will be in, click New and fill in the information.  We suggest naming the Location by City to correspond with the Dialing to: that you will set for that particular location.  Once you enter a location, you wll be able to access it directly from the front of the dialer by the Dialing from: drop down field. 

Options:  Opens the Dialer Options.  We do not recommend changing any settings on the Modem or  Update tabs. 

Dialer Options
If you use the dial up as a back up internet connection when away from your home, uncheck the "Set as the default Internet connection" box.  
8.  To disconnect once you are connected, right click on the dial up connection icon (two screens with lights going back and forth) your Task tray (where your time or clock is)  and select Hang Up or Disconnect.
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