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Wednesday, 24 May 2017
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We are a National ISP with over 8700 numbers all over the United States. WebNexus gives you direct connection to the internet without bogging down your system with specialized software or advertisements. 

Use our Call Finder Tool to see if we have local numbers for your area! 

National Dial Up: $14.95/mo. Unlimited

  • One 56k - V.90 - V.92 dial up account
  • Up to 4 email accounts
  • Free support for e-mail forwarding
  • POP & Wemail with Spam and Virus Filtering
  • Up to 5 meg of personal web space

Slip Stream Web Accelerator: $4.95/mo. additional 

Slip Stream Web Accelerator is an add on service that uses your existing Dial up account wtih compression and cache technology to reduce the size of web pages before they reach your computer therefore decreasing the time it takes to load the page. This software will accelerate HTML, Javascript, JPEG, GIFs, BMPs, text and Email. It will NOT accelerate streaming media, secure websites, file attachments, digital music and digital photos.  

There are other additional services are available such as additional dial up accounts and hosting.   All of our services can be bundled to save you money and hassel!

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